There Will Be Blood – Review

I haven’t got around to reviewing this film myself yet, but this very well-written review from another blogger perfectly encapsulates my feelings concerning this film.


Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood is an intense drama focused on the conflict between ruthless capitalist Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) and egotistical preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). On the surface the film is about an early 20th century oil prospector building his wealth in Southern California. However the film’s themes and subplots go far deeper, exposing a highly complex story about family, business, religion and human nature. It is a thought provoking masterpiece of filmmaking that stayed with me after the end credits and seemed to improve the more I considered and reflected on it.

The most striking and obvious talking point of the film is Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance, which rightfully won him an Oscar. His manages to shift from terrifyingly intense to unnervingly quiet from scene to scene. Day-Lewis brings the most out of Anderson’s writing with expert delivery packed with emotion. He also brings an…

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