Hi. I’m a 20-year-old student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign currently studying journalism. I like music, video games, and comic books, but I am especially fascinated with film and television. I’ve always enjoyed movies, and have had an interest in the behind the scene details of how they were made since the beginning of high school. I’ve taken a few film courses in my time at U of I , and I continue to grow more interested with each one. I was born with a birth defect; a neurological condition called Cerebral Palsy, and I use a wheelchair, hence the somewhat self-depreciating title of this blog. I take pride in my disability. People are always somewhat taken aback when I explain this. If I was not disabled, I would be able to walk without assistance, run, jump, climb, not suck at video games, etc. However, I would not have the friends I have now, nor would I have a lot of the wonderful, amazing experiences I’ve had in my twenty years on this Earth. My disability has allowed me to meet so many interesting, unique, and loving people I otherwise would never have met, and that is why I wouldn’t trade CP for anything. It just would not be worth it if it meant even risking the very possibility of loosing any of these people.

I have always been an exceptional writer. I definitely falter in some areas, but at the risk of sounding prideful, writing is certainly not one of them. I’m in the process of writing an autobiography to be published after graduation. I am also a talented horseback rider and a huge tech geek, which some may find ironic because I am absolutely atrocious at math or anything even tangentially related to the subject. I like movies and I especially like to (over)analyze them, so hopefully I can provide you with a fair opinion to see whether or not a film, or anything I may write about in the future, is worth your time and/or money. Enjoy!